The question is, “Why should I try coaching?” Would you be better off with counseling or traditional psychiatrists? What’s the difference, and why should I consider coaching? Are these sessions really worth the investment?

First and foremost, coaching and psychiatric counseling are not substitutes for each other. They can operate in harmony and benefit you simultaneously. Counselors and coaches use different methods to address your needs and lead you toward unique goals and results.

Where a counselor will work with you to identify past traumas that are haunting you today and cope with those events, a coach helps you to engage with your future by setting intentions and harnessing your true potential.

When you invest in coaching, you are not investing in the “hour-long session” or just “someone to talk to.” You are investing in results and well-defined achievements. These are specific to your goals and could be any of the following:

  • Achieving the confidence to seek a romantic partner and maintain a healthy relationship
  • Learning what it feels like to be authentic and become true to yourself
  • Defining, seeking, and earning your ideal career path
  • Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to achieve wellness, pride, and self-esteem

If your needs aren’t listed above, don’t worry—you get to define your own goals and coaching will help you develop a strategy to achieve them.

So the question you have to ask is “what am I willing to invest to achieve my life’s most important goals?” If coaching could help you find the love of your life, would that be worth the spend? If coaching could help you land your ideal six-figure career path, would that be a worthy return on your investment? What if you’ve spent your entire life in the dark and coaching could help you live the rest of your days with freedom and enlightenment?

These are your investment; these are the purposes of coaching. The best way to know if coaching is a good investment for you is to sign up for a complimentary session with a coach today and discuss your needs. Find out if it’s something that coaching can help address and develop a strategy around.

To sign up for a complimentary session, visit and click on “Book an Appointment.” Choose “Complimentary Session,” set your time zone, and choose a date/time that works for you.

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