New years are full of resolutions, and if you’re like most people, they might include “losing those 10 pounds” or “quitting smoking” or “taking more me time.” These are all fine and good, but what if you challenged yourself to go above and beyond the usual resolutions? What if you set up seven goals that will help you be a happier, healthier person without the lofty expectations of weight goals or quitting a bad habit? We’ve compiled seven goals that we recommend that will put you in position to enjoy the year ahead and prepare you for many more. These goals don’t have the stereotypical endpoint or necessarily a tangible result; they instead will look like a happier, fuller version of yourself living a balanced lifestyle.

In no particular order, here are our seven goals to help make 2018 a wonderful year.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is a method of centering the body and spirit. Western culture often lives their whole lives in their heads, rarely giving attention to the well-being of their emotional and spiritual selves. By reconnecting with your internal energy and giving your logical, intellectual side a rest, you will find that stresses become less significant, getting motivated is less of a struggle, and your full potential is more readily at your disposal. Meditation can involve quiet breathing practices, mantras, yoga, or any other number of activities. Find a method that works for you and dedicate time as often as you like to quieting your mind and reinvigorating your spirit.

  1. Spend more time in nature

Nature is the most expansive resource we have in our world, and we assure you – you don’t want to miss out. When we’re little kids, nature is our playground and the next adventure is always just outside our front door. Get back out there as an adult and remember what it’s like to explore. Find new places that leave you in awe; learn about the plants, animals, and geological characteristics of your own backyard; hike a mountain and reach the summit a humbled (yet triumphant) observer. Have fun, inspire wonder, and discover your part in the greater world.

  1. Exercise without an endpoint/goal

Whether you’re fit or looking to improve your physique, exercise can be a lifestyle rather than a means to an end. If you’re strictly looking to lose X number of pounds or prepare for a certain 5k race, the goal will either be met and left as a moment in time, or you will be disappointed and feel bad about your progress. Exercise helps keep you active, healthy, and feeling good about your appearance. There’s no need to set a starting and end point if you want to maintain these attributes indefinitely. Find an exercise that you enjoy so that you want to exercise, not just one that you feel obligated to keep up with. Remember that fun and games can be exercise – basketball, running around with your dog, swimming in the ocean, volleyball. Just get up and get active – the goal is feeling good!

  1. Make an effort to connect with friends more often

Life is hectic. Work and relationships and chores and responsibilities often get in the way of social time. However, friendship and socialization are vital parts of many people’s happiness levels. Whether you’re an introvert who prefers to keep a couple good friends close or an extrovert who wants to host parties every weekend, make sure you remember the importance of your friendships. Be proactive and reach out to the friends who may be just as busy as you. Find some time to get together, have a phone call, FaceTime, or play a game online. It’s amazing what some quality friend time can do for your spirits.

  1. Learn a new skill that is just for fun

We’re not talking about taking a professional workshop on cleaning up your Outlook inbox and calendar (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Were you that kid who always wanted to learn how to juggle? Have you walked past a cool little boutique where artists made crafts out of wood and recycled metal parts? Here’s your chance to stop thinking, “I wish I could do that,” and instead go learn how! You’d be amazed the wealth of knowledge you can access just by logging on to YouTube. Want to learn in-person? Check out local classes and meet ups – there’s bound to be someone near you who wants to share their skills. You’ll engage your mind and spirit by pursuing new skills that, while intended just for fun, may help you discover new passions and pursuits.

  1. Learn some new recipes that are healthy and delicious

Everybody eats, so you might as well eat well. Knowing how to cook a good meal is a skill that will never go wasted, whether you’re cooking for one or entertaining friends and/or a significant other. Need inspiration? Look at the menus for your favorite restaurants and see what catches your eye. Watch the Food Network and Travel Channel to see what chefs are cooking around the world. Once again, all you have to do is a quick bit of research online for ingredients, and then you can go for it on your own or watch tutorials online as you create your culinary masterpieces. In-person classes are always available, albeit a little on the pricier side. Remember that cooking is an art, and you must practice to develop your craft. So don’t get discouraged if your soufflé falls; fire up that oven and try, try again.

  1. Find an opportunity to have a new experience/meet new people

Comfort zones generally include that which is familiar. The only way to grow your comfort zone is to allow yourself to be vulnerable to new experiences. Looking for a new partner but scared to try online dating? Wish you could turn your hobby into a career but are afraid of failing? Now is the time to take a chance. You never get today back, so live like you want to live. Maybe a friend can help you upload some photos onto your dating site of choice. Perhaps your neighbor has the tools and know-how to get your small business up and running. Don’t be scared to ask for help in your pursuits. We’re social creatures, and it’s often easier to find your confidence when others help build you up and encourage your bravery. The best parts of life happen on the other side of fear, so acknowledge that fear and leave it in the dust as you go out on your next adventure.

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