Do you suffer from anxiety or nervousness? Life in today’s world can be very stressful, so it’s no surprise that many people suffer from panic attacks, fear, and social anxiety. While you may not be able to change things that are beyond your control, what you can change is how they affect you. One thing that can really help is focusing on centering yourself. This means getting—and staying—in touch with the very center of your being. Once you have learned to reach your center, you’ll be able to access it more easily. For instance, if you get stressed at work, simply taking a minute to breathe and relax can help you ‘reset’ in a more positive manner. When you are in touch with your center, you are focused in the moment, and moving towards spiritual harmony with your world. Centering techniques can help you prepare for a speech, a first date, or that family reunion you’re uneasy about.


Meditation can be a wonderful tool, and is a great way for you to channel and get rid of negative emotions. It also allows you to gain better control over your feelings, and learn how to let go of the things that hurt and upset you. Over time, meditation helps you align your physical world with your inner spirit, so that you move forward with strength, hope, love, and positive energy. Never meditated before? Start by choosing a quiet, peaceful spot, such as a spare room, a sunny porch, or even your bedroom. It helps if this area is clean and clutter-free. You can light candles and incense, and play relaxing music to help set the mood. Next, sit or lie on the floor. Close your eyes, take deep, cleansing breaths, and exhale slowly. You want to feel these breaths going all the way down to your toes. Let your thoughts settle, breathe deep, and just live in the moment. Visualizations can be very helpful. Some people focus on their happy places. Others picture energy fields, or focus on inhaling good energy and exhaling negative thoughts. Try a few different techniques to find the one that works for you. Even just spending a few minutes a day meditating can be very beneficial.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is just as good for the soul as it is for the body. A good workout—or even a walk—can help you burn off some of your anxiety, and calm your thoughts. Physically, exercising will also help you look and feel better. If you are struggling with self-esteem, knowing that you’ve done something good for yourself, and that you are taking care of yourself, can be a great mood lifter. And, if you’re angry at someone or something, a vigorous workout is a great way to burn off steam. You may find that after your workout, you feel calm, and maybe even a little tired.

Eat Right

It can be very tempting to go for fattening comfort food when you’re down, but in the long term, you’ll feel much better on a healthy diet. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and veggies, proteins, whole grains, and lean meats and fish in your menu. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional splurge, but a nourishing, nutritious diet will be much more rewarding than a pizza in the end. Rather than ignore your cravings, find healthy substitutes for your favorite treats. For instance, substitute avocado for mayonnaise on a sub or wrap, or use cauliflower instead of potatoes when making mashed potatoes.

Visit A Spa

If you are really feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, treat yourself with a trip to a spa. A good massage can help relax knotted muscles, improve your circulation, and generally help you unwind. Don’t fret over prices: you can’t put a price on your health or well-being.

Spend Time In Nature

A walk in a park is another great way to nourish your soul. This of course may not be a great option in winter, but once the weather warms up, spending some time in a pretty, serene area can really help you sort out things that are bothering you.


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